Overwatch - Who Plays?

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Overwatch - Who Plays?

Post by Bigking » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:29 pm

So I been playin this Overwatch game on my PS4. Sittin back an tryin it out. Caught it on a free weekend, an I bought it right after.

its like playin a cartoon movie with like ninja's, an big ass motherfuckers, warbots, a ghost, and a big fat guy with a shotgun. Ever see like GI Joe or somethin an thought it needed to be weirder?

Lookin for videos about it an I dunno i thought this fucker was funny.

But i been playin that soldier dude with the gun cause he's like, playin CoD. but I also been playin like that one chinese lady with the freeze gun freezin fuckers goin pow pow. Anyone else been playin on the PS4 and wanna play sometime?

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