Does Hip Hop Hate Women?

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Lil P
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Re: Does Hip Hop Hate Women?

Post by Lil P » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:24 pm

ShArk wrote:
Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:12 am
JakeB0MB wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:33 am
I don't know man. I never thought of anything like this. I started the video and it is kind of deep. If women get treated so badly, why do they put up with it?
Fame, money, status, etc. I would imagine. I had a cousin I was close with growing up. She was in an abusive relationship. It took her nearly 2 years to admit it and when she did, she still stayed with the dude another 4 years and had 2 kids with him. She has since moved out of state and he is nowhere to be found. I hope he got locked up. Point being, women will put up with a lot of crap for many years before they finally feel they deserve better.
I mean, why else would they put up with it if not for the money and/or attention? I mean there is no shame in either but sometimes you have to know when yo fold your cards and respect yourself more.

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Re: Does Hip Hop Hate Women?

Post by Yo-She » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:07 am

WishSlayr wrote:
Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:16 am
Yo-She wrote:
Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:04 am
As a woman, I can see why some people can say this and there are a lot of points I can agree with. This all depends on the individual woman and how she views her own life. Some are very happy being sex symbols for hip hop and that is fine. My only issue is when female artists aren't taking seriously or as serious simply because they ain't dudes.
I can get that. Like it isn't fair to not credit women when they put in just as much work as the men do. I know this happens and I hope in time things change. I am not sure what it will take but if artists who keep coming like Nicki that change the game, Beyonce who show they have talent and power, who knows where women will stand.
To be fair, some female artists are proving they got just as much to offer and then some. Nicki is a good example of that. Her latest album proves she is the queen of the game right now and she gets a lot of credit and respect for her work.

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