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Welcome to MHSF. Please do not feel afraid to join us to discuss any issues that may be affecting your daily life, we are all here to help each other and we want to provide a safe and secure space for communication regarding mental health no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation.

Forum rules

We provide a safe and open space for all to communicate freely regarding their mental health, we are not a fan of rules but we do strictly enforce a few major rules to make sure our members are protected at all times. By using these forums you are agreeing to abide by these rules. We take prompt action (i.e. permanent bans) against anyone who breaks them. 1. You will not abuse any other member regarding their race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else related to their person. 2. You will not use these forums to promote or advertise any product(s) or service(s). We do not allow links in posts/threads, user bio's or user signatures and we have a anti-spam filter that will censor certain words and catchphrases deemed as spam.

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