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#1 Re: Eating Disorders » Can someone go from one extreme to the other? » 2020-06-22 04:12:08

Yes, this can happen. If the eating disorder is not severe enough to keep them stuck in a position of starvation or overeating, they often develop a mental and emotional patterns of abusive behavior based on their eating patterns. They will overheat and then punish themselves by starving.

#2 Re: Eating Disorders » How common is bulimia in men/boys? » 2020-06-22 04:10:48

It is a 10 to one measurement so while some boys and men are bulimic, for every one male who is, there are 10 females who are. Men (and boys) are far more likely to develop an over-eating disorder.

#3 Personality Disorder » Is a personality disorder similar to gender identity disorder? » 2020-06-22 04:07:08

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Regardless of how the world wants to view it, gender identity disorder is a real thing and I think that the way people are handling it today is only causing more harm. With that being said, is a personality disorder similar to this? With GID, you see people who don't feel comfortable in their body and they feel they were put in the wrong body on a sexual (gender) basis. While it is not directly a personality issue, it is still a personalization issue.

#4 P.T.S.D » Can PTSD be purely physical? » 2020-06-22 04:04:28

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As someone who has had panic attacks, I often wonder if post-traumatic stress disorders can develop as a physical result of mental/emotional stress from having panic attacks. What makes me see a possible connection is that a person can fear to have a panic attack so much that they develop agoraphobia and refuse to leave their homes. So the sensations the body has gone through triggers the response in the brain to be scared of the situation.

#5 Re: P.T.S.D » Can someone develop PTSD from abuse? » 2020-06-22 04:01:19

PTSD is a stress reaction that happens after the stresser or stressful event has ended. I have known some people to have PTSD after being in a car accident as well as PTSD from abusive partners.

#6 Psychosis » Dishonesty and psychosis? » 2020-06-22 03:59:59

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Is there a connection here?

I noticed that one of the signs or symptoms of a person suffering from this deal with an unfaithful partner. The person suffering is convinced their partner is cheating on them with no proof of it or any hints of it. They become very paranoid and some go to extreme lengths of hiring a private detective to spy on their partner. Can extreme dishonesty from someone cause a person to view other partners in the same light leading them to a state of psychosis?

#7 Psychosis » Can drugs cause a person to develop psychosis? » 2020-06-22 03:56:41

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I am speaking in regards to drugs like acid, mushrooms, THC, and heroine. It seems that these drugs can greatly alter the mind and cause lasting damage which is why I am wondering if this can actually lead to a person developing psychosis. I don't know enough about it to know if drug users are at a higher risk or not.

#8 Schizoaffective Disorder » Is Schizoaffective Disorder Under-diagnosed? » 2020-06-22 03:54:59

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I read a lot of thoughts and theories from people online which implies that this is a common issue that is often overlooked. People with this issue can be in positions where they can actually harm others without it being their prime intent. A good example of this is if a police officer were to be suffering without knowing. The paranoia with lack of control of his/her anger can quickly become a problem.

Do you think that Schizoaffective Disorders are under-diagnosed?

#9 Re: Schizoaffective Disorder » Is Schizoaffective disorder like bipolar syndrome? » 2020-06-22 03:52:15

Yes and no. A person who has a schizoaffective disorder will be suffering from schizophrenia AND bipolar or depression. It is a mix of the two but can't be given a stern diagnosis of either.

#10 Re: Schizophrenia » What are risk factors for developing Schizophrenia? » 2020-06-22 03:50:10

This isn't something that is genetic. Keeping that in mind, there tend to be risk factors for developing it:

Father that is of advanced age
genetic factors such as abnormal dopamine levels
malnourished mother
mother with infections during pregnancy
childhood difficulties (such as loss of a parent, poverty, bullying, witnessing domestic violence, the victim of emotional, sexual or physical abuse)
illegal drug usage (marijuana, amphetamines and/or hallucinogens)
ethnic minority (discrimination)

Most doctors believe there is some kind of trauma that happens to the brain physically or mentally from stress that causes people to develop it. It is basically severe paranoia which is why drug usage can bring it on. Also it worth noting that men are 1.5 times at risk of developing it than women just like women are more likely to have issues with anxiety and panic attacks compared to men.

#11 Schizophrenia » How common is schizophrenia? » 2020-06-22 03:44:22

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I have a family member who suffers from what the doctor refers to as "mild schizophrenia" which means all the signs/symptoms aren't there to be considered to have the disorder to the full extent. I never knew anyone personally to have this other than my family member so I am wondering how common it is.

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