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Welcome to MHSF. Please do not feel afraid to join us to discuss any issues that may be affecting your daily life, we are all here to help each other and we want to provide a safe and secure space for communication regarding mental health no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation.

#1 Re: P.T.S.D » Can PTSD be purely physical? » 2020-06-26 01:12:14

Do you mean that the body only reacts to the stress and not the mind? I have never heard of such a thing but that doesn't mean this can't be the case for some people.

#2 Re: Personality Disorder » Is a personality disorder similar to gender identity disorder? » 2020-06-26 01:10:00

I mean in a way, yes, I suppose but a gender identity disorder tends to stem more from abuse directed at their gender. An example would be for a young boy to be touched in a bad way as a toddler and making the association that he being a boy was the issue and in order to correct the issue, he has to be a girl. I know it is more complex than this and no every case deals with abuse but a large number do.

#3 Re: Personality Disorder » Struggles with a dependent personality disorder » 2020-06-26 01:08:04

This is common from children who grow up with parents or a single parent who is a high achiever or tries living their children. It is like a nervous tick at first but then it becomes a fully developed mental struggle. Have you considered trying some therapy that deals with mental/emotional abuse from when you were a child?

#4 Re: Eating Disorders » Can someone go from one extreme to the other? » 2020-06-26 01:05:49

deepdivine is spot on. My wife is this way when she is in public. She hardly eats but when we are at home, she can eat as much as me. She is not struggling with a weight problem but she is considered overweight and it bothers her. I love her just the same but this kind of behavior doesn't help her feel better.

#5 Eating Disorders » The body positive movement is giving kids the wrong idea... » 2020-06-26 01:02:57

Replies: 2

Am I the only one who feels this way? It tends to be more of an issue with young girls since boys don't tend to be a focus for this movement, just women. They take something like obesity and make it glamorous. It isn't, it is very unhealthy to think it is. Having extra weight on you is one thing and people shouldn't be shaming others for being overweight or even obese but to do a 180 on it and market it as attractive, beautiful, and even healthy is just wrong. I also see a lot of these people shaming women for losing weight or women who stay in good shape and health. It makes no sense.

It is just going to encourage more eating disorders in the opposite direction.

#6 Re: Eating Disorders » How common is bulimia in men/boys? » 2020-06-26 00:59:40

It is way more common in girls and women. You will often see boys and men either starving themselves or working out excessively to the point where it is unhealthy.

#7 Re: Depression » Feeling overwhelmed sometimes » 2020-06-26 00:58:14

Excessive worry and dread tend to be an issue with anxiety more than depression. For most folks, depression feels like you just don't have any interest in life. You almost feel indifferent to everything and this ends up making you feel sad and alone.

#8 Re: Depression » Depressing thoughts from the virus, riots, etc. » 2020-06-26 00:56:42

I have some major bouts of anxiety. It helps to just tune out the news and avoid people who are obsessed with the topic. I told my brother who is very into politics that I needed to take a break from it all for a while and distance myself from conversations with him. He was mad but he got over it.

#9 Depression » Does CBD oil help with depression? » 2020-06-26 00:54:11

Replies: 2

I read that it can help with anxiety but I am wondering what it can do for people with depression. I would imagine this is not something you can take while on other medications unless it is directed by your doctor.

#10 Re: Bipolar » Is there a common age where bipolar starts? » 2020-06-26 00:50:52

Males are more likely to suffer as well. I think that the stress is there but the actual signs of the disorder can come out of the blue. In most cases from what I have seen and read, major stress triggers the disorder to happen. This is why it is commonly seen in older teens and younger 20 somethings because this is where life tends to become more stressful.

#11 Bipolar » Can you get financial help when you have a bipolar disorder? » 2020-06-26 00:47:31

Replies: 3

I know for some mental health illnesses, some people can get financial support from the government if they are not able to work but what if a person is able to work, just not a lot and not consistently? Would they still qualify for some kind of financial aid?

#12 Anxiety » Health anxiety solutions? » 2020-06-26 00:46:11

Replies: 2

I have terrible health anxiety. Recently started having a slight pain in my ear and it lead to me feeling as if it is blocked. This caused me to worry a lot and think I was losing my hearing. This was happening for a few days and then I had an IBS episode with my stomach where I was in massive amounts of pain. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I ended up having some bleeding after going to the bathroom which furthered me into more panic and now I am just trying to stay as calm as possible, drink water, take it easy with food and not try to think about it.

This is the most recent event but I have had several cases like this with other things happening in my body and I think the worst off the bat. I hate this thought pattern I put myself in and the stress reactions in my body that follow. Is there a way to reduce this kind of thinking?

#13 Anxiety » Vitamin D3 deficiency and anxiety/depression? » 2020-06-26 00:41:44

Replies: 3

So I did a bit of research and found a lot of information on vitamin d3 and how being deficient in it can lead to depression (often SAD) but also anxiety and panic disorders. Looking at my lifestyle the last several years, I don't get out in the sun much and my diet is not very high in D3 either so I am assuming I have low levels. But thinking back when my anxiety started, this was when I was spending more time indoors and only going out and doing things at night. So maybe there is a real connection here people should consider?

#14 Re: Anxiety » Side-effects of anxiety? » 2020-06-26 00:38:59

I have trouble with my stomach big time and it doesn't help that I also have health anxiety. Sometimes it happens when I am in the middle of a panic attack when I have high anxiety, or a few days after I had been worrying about something. Currently having the issue right now. The pains are bad. I can't even eat much outside of soup and toast.

#15 Re: Anxiety » Explaining a panic attack to a friend? » 2020-06-26 00:37:24

tigerbound wrote:

Well, tell your friend to picture an animal they are terrified of. Have them picture this animal chasing them down to kill them. Ask them to tell you how they think they would be feeling and how their body would be reacting. Now tell them that the animal isn't real. That is a panic attack.

This is one of the best ways I have seen it described. It is hard to explain something like this to someone who has never had a panic attack. It is like asking a blind person to describe the color blue.

#16 Re: Anxiety » Does shortness of breath cause light-headedness? » 2020-06-26 00:36:20

If you tense up a lot in your neck, you can become lightheaded from that. I get this way when I am nervous or having a panic attack. I find it helps to rub my neck, put ice on my neck, or use a tens unit.

#17 Anxiety » I hate feeling overwhelmed all the time » 2020-06-26 00:35:03

Replies: 4

I think most people who have anxiety (the kind that interferes with your day to day life,(not the kind you get from someone disliking your post on Facebook) you understand what it means to feel overwhelmed. Lately, I have been feeling so overwhelmed with day to day tasks that I am either getting too angry or too upset to cope and it frustrates me which ends up making me feel even more overwhelmed. It is a nasty cycle.

How do you cope with this? Do you have any kind of technique to talk yourself down from being too overwhelmed?

#18 Introduce Yourself » Hello » 2020-06-26 00:07:29

Replies: 0

I am new here. Just looking for a place to ask questions, get answers, and share what I know within and about the mental health community. I feel like there are not any good spaces on social media for this topic so joining a forum dedicated to it was a better option. I hope everyone is having a great day and I am looking forward to some interactions.

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