50cent on "Get the Strap" Investigation: "NYPD Gonna F*ck Us All Up."

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Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:00 am

50cent continues to remain one of the most influential and relevant member of the Hip Hop community through a combination of connection, production, social media, and marketing schemes behind the scenes. Undoubtedly 50cent is one of the smartest men in the business, able to produce millions without producing any music any more.

Though that doesn't stop the man from occasionally saying things that are better left unsaid.

The most recent moment of this comes from Fiddy complaining about the current NYPD investigation about him, looking into his "threatening" and "get the strap" catchphrase, which might not end in anything, though it doesn't gain him any friends for opening his mouth and complaining every chance he gets about the investigation.

"Aww shit we in the paper again," started the rapper, "Man l don’t have anything to do with the real issue. NYPD gonna fuck us all up." The New York legend then make an astoundingly good point, saying, "we like get the strap, they like😡we always got them."

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