Dee-1 Spoke Out To Manager Who Tried Sleeping With Him

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Recently New Orleans rapper Dee-1 joined up with journalists to discuss the latest from his Album "Slingshot David" and the reception he's received from the LP, as well as a slew of other things.

"People are calling my album a classic," he said. "I got in this game to be different. I'm just trying to be a better human being. I looked at the areas of my life where I wanted to improve, and one of them was alleviating cursing from of my vocabulary."

Of which Dee-1 is referring to the fact that his album lacks the profanity that most modern Hip Hop Artists have.

One of the most controversial songs on the album that contained the lyrics "this man said if I slept with him he’d manage me … y’all know him, I spat in his face and said, ‘Boy don’t play with me!’” was recently addressed, and confirmed, by Dee-1, as someone who managed him attempting to sleep with him to get ahead.

"Its all about leverage in this industry." Dee explained. "That’s something I went through … I need y’all to know there are some clowns in this game, and they’ll try to play you. I know I’m not the only person who’s been through [a situation like] that.”

Though Dee-1 has declined to mention who this individual is, and isn't forthright with their identity let's hope that this is the last time Dee-1 is sexually harassed in his career.


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