Azie Faison Apologies For 1991 Easy E Diss Record

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Former Drug Lord Azie Faison has lived a life that few artists who are connected to criminal organizations can claim, being portrayed in film and literature, and music, and claiming to be the largest individual dealer of drugs in New York all while surviving several gunshots in a home invasion attempt.

Recently though the legendary Hustle appeared on "The Murder Master Music Show" to discuss his past and also apologize to Eazy E's fans and family for a long forgotten 91 diss record "Don't Dis Nobody"

[YouTube] ... FZovMfdfVs[/YouTube]

“Let me give some love to Eazy-E because we had got into a situation where they was dissin’ us and we was dissin’ them,” Faison said of the song. “I would like to apologize to Eazy-E and all his fans and his family for the diss track towards him. I respect who Eazy-E is now, and I see who he was from the game point of view.”

The feud between N.W.A and Faison's Mob Style Crew began when Mob Style took offense to particular bars on the Compton's son's "Real Niggaz", which was released shortly after an altercation between the groups at the Apollo theater during an N.W.A performance.

“Black, the good, the bad, the ugly, you see, a little streetwise nigga, you know me; rolling wit some real niggas playing for keeps .. but you muthafuckas know who run the streets,” rapped Eazy referencing both the album The Good, The Bad, The Ugly as well as “Play 4 Keeps,” a prominent single by Mob Style.

All we can say about it now though is that hopefully peace now can come to Azie Faison over things done in the past.
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