J. Stalin and DJ Fresh Debut “Nightmare on 19th Street Returns” and Announce Double LP

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Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:58 pm


J. Stalin is teaming up with fellow collaborator DJ Fresh for a double album that’s going to be titled “Miracle” and “Nightmare on 10th Street Pt. 2” ahead of scheduled release date, just in time for the Halloween Holiday.

The prolific staples of Bay Area rap scene plan to premier the lead single “Nightmare on 10th Street Returns” soon after.

“We started working on this over a year and a half ago” Stalin said in a statement to the press in regards to the upcoming projects. “He’d come over and spend the weekend at the studio in my house, he don’t like emailing beats. He likes to catch the feeling in the moment.”

Stalin and Fresh have worked on multiple projects together, so it’s not unusual ot hear that they’re working together.

“We’re really good friends, even outside of music.” Stalin explains. “We’re like brothers. We’re like Dr. Dre and Snoop if they never stopped working together on albums. We’ve got so much chemistry and we clash, but in a good way. He’ll be on me about my bars like ‘Ill ned you to do this flow pattern’ and he always makes me rap better.”

Check out the cover art and track list below .

Disc 1
1. Nightmare On 10th Street Returns
2. Pussy Nigga
3. The Livewire Trap f. Shady Nate & Joseph Kay
4. Takin No Shit
5. Facts f. Mitchy Slick
6. Bitches & Bands
7. Billion Dollar Boys Club
8. Do’s & Dont’s
9. Trappin’ Addict
10. I Don’t Love These Hoes f. P. Hustle, Big Homie Lil Troy & J-Stew
Disc 2
1. Ain’t It A Blessing f. Big Homie Lil Tony
2. Livewire Party f. The Mekanix
3. Childhood Dreams f. Vellione & Lil Chief Baby Wipes
4. I Be Living Lavish
5. Bubble Gum Candy Fruit f. June & Beeda Weeda
6. Cash On Delivery f. P. Hustle
7. Unloyalty f. Joseph Kay & Young Spudd
8. Cops & Robbers
9. Hide And Go Get It f. Joseph Kay
10. What you Want From Me
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Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:45 am

Don't you mean Nightmare on 10th street bro?

Lol think ya made a typo dude.
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Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:16 pm

Damn man that songs bangs. I like it. Going to check out some of the other tracks. I forgot all about this dude if I am being honest here.

And yeah, pretty sure he made a typo up there Deez haha
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