[Youtube] 6IX9INE - GUMMO (Official Music Video)

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Yea. This is my face lookin at that.


Carrying on from your other thread, this video encompasses why I dont think 6IX9INE is all that good.

First off - The beat. He aint that good with it. There's little to no variation in the lyrics, which is why the video is barely 3 mins long. It's one thing from beginning to end. While that aint a BAD thing, most newer artists mix it up a little bit with attempting to change up the genre. It's stagnating.

Second off - Him. He looks like a clown. Lookit all the other mother fuckers he got in the back there. They're all badasses, and they look like a crew in solidarity. He stands out too much with his hair and grills and shiz.

Not a fan.
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Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:46 am

This shit is straight heat 🙌🏻
He used to get bullied and he dyed his hair that color to represent those who get bullied and to inspire them that anyone can do whatever they want and be whoever they want to be. He’s mentioned in several interviews that he isn’t gay or anything, and he’s from one of the most ghetto parts of New York (Bedstuy) so I’m pretty sure he’s a real g. All I got is respect for the guy because he came from nothing, keeps it real, he’s just doing what he believes he does best and what’s better is he’s having fun with it. And he’s raking in huge profits already off of his top songs Gummo, Kooda, and Keke. At this point anyone that hates on him either never gave him a chance to begin with, or they’re behind held back because of his prior criminal charges or his physical appearance. But keep in mind, he’s the next biggest thing since Asap Rocky and Bobby Shmurda. I’m not mentioning Desiigner because tbh he was pretty much a one hit wonder comparing Panda to his other hit singles. Feel free to agree or disagree!
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