Blackout trend?

This is the section to showcase your ink.
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m3xtack wrote:
Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:31 pm
g code wrote:
Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:34 am
This guy at my work has one of these on his leg. He did it to cover up and old tat he had. It was a pretty big one that was a naked woman basically touching herself. His then wife, now ex told him he had to get rid of it before she'd marry him so he did. A year later she cheated on him and filed for divorce. Go figure.
Ouch! Well to be fair here, why would get a woman touching herself on your leg? That is the dumbest thing man. Like tats are already looked down upon but higher paying jobs and the general upper-class... So make it worse by slapping some boobs on yourself? lol
Ya got me. I don't get it but I guess some dudes have more balls than I do. I would never get a naked woman on my skin. That is just too much.
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