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What Does Royalty Free Music Actually Mean?

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You might have heard the term ‘royalties’ while talking about celebrities, authors or even politicians. However some of you may still not be aware of the term. Many book authors and celebrities get royalties for their work. Which means that if someone buys their book even 10 years after the issuance then they would still get a royalty fee from that?

Royalties In The Music Industry

The same is the case in the music industry. You can find different types of music online for which you have to pay every time you use it. So if you want to use a single music file in two of your videos you will have to buy the music file twice. The music company will get paid for two uses as well. This means that the music company is charging royalty for using their music. So no matter how many times you use the music you will have to pay for it. In addition to the music companies, many singers get royalties even years after their original release.


What Actually Is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music generally refers to the type of music for which you don’t have to pay recurring fees. You just buy it for for a single one time fee and then use the music for as many times as you like. There is no expiry to this agreement. So if you buy it once, you can keep using for as many projects as you like. This refers to royalty free music where you don’t have to pay for every time you use the music. Just buy the music and keep using it for as much time as you want. Many musicians and music companies offer royalty free music as a service.

Common Misconceptions About Royalty Free Music

These days royalty free music is very popular. Many people tend to use royalty free in the wrong sense. They mistake it for free music which is not the case. If you want to use royalty free music with your content then you have to understand what it actually means.


So Do I Pay For The Royalty Free Music Or Not?

There are two types of royalty free music out in the market. These two include Free Royalty Free Music and Paid Royalty Free Music. In paid royalty free music you have to pay for the music for one time. Once you pay for it you can use it as many times as you like without any additional fees. On the other hand if people choose free royalty free music then will be able to enjoy the music for absolutely no price.

So it is very important to understand the difference before you get in the industry. You might not have the funds to invest in paid royalty free music. So not knowing the difference may cost you dearly.

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