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How To Make A Rap Beat

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Rap is a very unique genre of music and one thing that differentiates rap from other styles of music is the beat behind the lyrics. Without the beats, the rap would be like a fish without a pond. When you are freestyling you can make do with a human beat box. However when you are looking to rap professionally then it is ideal to use beat producing software to boost your rapping experience.

How Can Rappers Make a Rap Beat?

There are different ways that rap beats can be made. One of the most common is the human beat box where the person uses his mouth to create beats. This is very common in freestyle raps.


For amateurs, who are just starting out in the industry and cannot afford expensive softwares they can go for mobile phone apps that are specifically designed for the purpose. You can create a wide range of amazing beats by using these apps. This makes them a perfect fit for beginners who do not have the required funds to get a full fledge software package but want something better than a human beat box.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe that human beat boxes can be great as well however they do not offer a lot of variety offered by certain modern tools.

How Are Softwares Used To Create Rap Beats

These days all singers and rappers tend to use technology to enhance their singing experience (i.e. Autotune). It makes for great content that is loved by the fans and general public. Many rappers also use specific software to add value to their rapping album.

Let’s take a look at how rappers can set and use these softwares to create beats.

Always Use The Right Tempo

Make sure your software/track is set to the right tempo. If you don’t have the right tempo then the entire experience will be bad. Tempo is very important for rap music. You need around 75 to a maximum of 100 BPM (Beats Per Minute) to create the right tempo for a rap song.

Know Which Instrument To Start From

Usually beats start with the sound of a drum however you can personalise it according to your preferences. When using beat software make sure you know all the sounds available to you and identify the ones you can add to your rap beat to enhance the sound.


Add Melody To Your Rap

In addition to the drums, you can also add lighter melodies in the mix. This will help in adding a lot of value to the beat. Without the soft melody, your beat wont sound as good as it would’ve, if the melody was included.

Try Different Variations

Always make sure to try different variations of the beat so you can know which one works best for you. Different beats will go well with different rap songs so it is imperative that you try different variations of the same beat.

Don’t Make Them Monotonous

A small tip that can help you go a long way; Never be monotonous. Use softwares that offer more variety.

Don’t Mix Up Too Many Songs

Sometimes when you are making beats, it may sound like you are overcrowding the track with a wide range of different sounds that don’t go along with each other. Try to avoid this. The tempo, the melodies, the style and all other aspects of the beats should resonate with the respective lyrics that you are working on. Last but not the least; arrange the beats in a professional manner so that the beats can work perfectly with the to form a quality sounding rap song.

These are some of the ways that rappers can use to create beats and add value to their whole rapping experience.

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