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How Your Personal Image/Persona Affects Your Music Popularity

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When it comes to artists, one thing that everyone tries to figure out first is learning about what kind of person they are. With the high presence of social media in every person's lives, people can easily get any information about aparticular artist. There’s no denying that an artists personal image has an impact on the following they have.

When it comes to personal image, you should know that being an artist you hold a lot of responsibility for what you showcase to your audience. Most people aspire to be like you so you must lower down the negativities and focus on the positives.

Your music popularity is everything to you as it is the basis of your career. You do not want to do anything to jinx your luck and turn things worse for yourself and your career. It’s necessary to be mindful of what aura you’re giving to others and how they might respond to your personality. Let’s look at how the different types of categories are affected by your image or personality.



Fans are your number one priority as they’re the ones who are supporting you by buying your music. They are the real reason you’re even producing music. So if they weren’t there, who would you be selling your music to? Your personality plays a huge part in figuring out your music popularity in the audience. If you’re a kind and humble individual, then people are naturally attracted to you and your music because of the person you are. While if you are always in the middle of conspiracies and trying to defame other people, you’re going to be known for creating feuds. While people want to know all the gossip, they generally would stay away from you and your music otherwise.


Labels want someone understanding and responsible. There are contracts drawn between you and the label that you need to follow. However, if you’re the rebellious kind and someone who’s known to break contracts in the middle, labels are going to be keen to stay away from you. That would result in decreased benefits for you when it comes to creating music. You’ll also be unable to reach out to the larger audience and create a large fan base. With no support from the labels, your music popularity is bound to get affected because of your image.


Other Artists

When it comes to working with someone, people want to work with those who are reliable. If you have a positive image and are known to be responsible and punctual, then other artists will not hesitate to work with you. However, things might be different if the situations were different and you didn’t have a great personal image in the music industry.

In general, artists are walking on a very thin line. Any small thing can come up and cause them to be under scrutiny. Gossips and rumours always find a way to increase in size, however, it’s always better to stay true to who you are. As an artist, your mission is to create music. Don’t fall prey to short-tempers and a bad personality to devoid yourself of making great music and increasing your music popularity.

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