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#1 2020-06-27 01:05:35

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Boosting brain antioxidants could help!

I read this article the other day and since there is a section for it, I figured I should share a bit from it. I read it on the site "Medical News Today" and the study that is being done is showing promising results!

" In particular, the team found that having higher glutathione levels was associated with responding to treatment more quickly.

Conversely, higher levels of glutamate were associated with having greater social difficulties. The researchers determined this using the Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale, which measures function in social or work situations.

The findings suggest that higher levels of glutathione — which help regulate levels of glutamate — could help people with schizophrenia or other conditions that cause psychosis respond more quickly to treatment and have better overall outcomes. "

source: medicalnewstoday./articles/boosting-brain-antioxidants-could-improve-psychosis-outcomes#Boosting-brain-antioxidants

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