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#1 2020-06-16 21:37:19

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What are risk factors for developing Schizophrenia?

Someone in my family on my father's side was believed to have issues with this and ever since I found out, I have been worrying myself half to death. I have had on-going stress-induced stomach aches and trouble sleeping. I don't understand much about this condition but I am concerned that it is something I am at risk for now.


#2 2020-06-22 03:50:10

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Re: What are risk factors for developing Schizophrenia?

This isn't something that is genetic. Keeping that in mind, there tend to be risk factors for developing it:

Father that is of advanced age
genetic factors such as abnormal dopamine levels
malnourished mother
mother with infections during pregnancy
childhood difficulties (such as loss of a parent, poverty, bullying, witnessing domestic violence, the victim of emotional, sexual or physical abuse)
illegal drug usage (marijuana, amphetamines and/or hallucinogens)
ethnic minority (discrimination)

Most doctors believe there is some kind of trauma that happens to the brain physically or mentally from stress that causes people to develop it. It is basically severe paranoia which is why drug usage can bring it on. Also it worth noting that men are 1.5 times at risk of developing it than women just like women are more likely to have issues with anxiety and panic attacks compared to men.


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