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#1 2020-06-16 21:52:12

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How common is bulimia in men/boys?

I know bulimia tends to be a thing for teenage girls and younger women but I recently met a man who said he struggled with it since he was 14. Now it makes me wonder how common this kind of disorder is in men and boys. Does anyone know the statistics?


#2 2020-06-22 04:10:48

Registered: 2020-06-22
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Re: How common is bulimia in men/boys?

It is a 10 to one measurement so while some boys and men are bulimic, for every one male who is, there are 10 females who are. Men (and boys) are far more likely to develop an over-eating disorder.


#3 2020-06-26 00:59:40

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Re: How common is bulimia in men/boys?

It is way more common in girls and women. You will often see boys and men either starving themselves or working out excessively to the point where it is unhealthy.


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