Chance the Rapper Updates Fans on Childish gambino and Kanye West Projects

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Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:26 pm

Lately, Hip Hop journalists had a chance to catch up with Chance the Rapper in Chicago after one of his latest shows to have a sit-down interview to discuss any new projects that the artist is currently working on. Not only did Chance reveal that he's still on his joint project with Childish Gambino, but that he'll also be working on a 7 song EP with Kanye West sometime in July.

"What's cool is that 'Ye's kind of got me in a mode of understanding just your ability to multitask and work on different things," he said. "Because of his ability to work on multiple projects, I've been actively working on the project with Childish, I'm gonna do a seven-track with ‘Ye."

From there Chance then went to discuss the progress of the projects, saying he's about "30 percent on everything." When asked about the Kanye project, Chance said that the foundations will be started in July.

“I'm supposed to be working on in July,” Chance mentioned, before further talking about his tape with Gambino. “We got 6 songs that are fire, but I think the album will be more than like 14 songs. I think it’s going to be a full thing,”

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Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:29 pm

Oh shit, this'll be nice!

I'm looking forward to this. Especially since Childish Gambino has been everywhere since "This is America" came out. But with Kanye West signed up to it too? Ohh man.

We're halfway through July right now. I wonder if there's gonna be more news about it at the end of the month and if they have any information on it by then.
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